Who are we ?

Hi ..

Wanna know about us .. and why we are different …
With us … you are at your second home and among your family and friends …

Here You will find yourself reaching an advance stage of your development, professionalism, and achieving your goals.
For those who are looking forward to grow and learn, becoming a Binshihoner is the correct choice.

You will never
walk alone ...


This is due to our friendly environment within our Group and the strong and valuable relationship between the Binshihoners …

You must be prepared .. because your beginning with us requires exerting effort and resilience ..
For the challengers we seek, all you have to do is to take the first step .. and sign-up .. and we will be at your back …

You have a chance to

Become a BinShihoner

Why Binshihon ?

We, the Binshihoners, grow and enjoy our prosperity from our culture which is built on three pillars .. we do not like a lot of talking


We, the Binshihoners, believe in “Do it with Passion or not at all”. We like to Fuel our passion, Feed our curiosity , and work together to have a healthy work environment. We all believe it is the key for creativity and success. We put our Binshihoners at the top of our top priorities.


Binshihoners welcome the empathetic people who love to do more without return, have passion to teach and support each other, treat others with respect and courtesy. If you don’t know to live with like this, then we’re not the right place for you.


Binshihoners always put their passion for learning which guarantee their Development!  If you love to learn, well, Bin-Shihon is Definitely the right place for you. As a Binshihoner you'll never stop Developing .. our online academy gives you the opportunity to learn anywhere anytime and any topic which will enrich your career and personal lives.

What we can do best.

Want to become a Binshihoner ?

Want to become a Binshihoner ?


Choose the job that fits you, then – may God help you – you need to fill in all the needed information regarding your personal info, work experience, skills you have... etc.  Do your best to Fill out every field on the application and answer all questions for better chance to go through. If you didn’t, then we will do our best to choose your application 😊


After applying, your application will be reviewed, a phone screening will be conducted with you to determine if the job you selected does match your profile. If the requirements of the job you selected does indeed match your profile, you will be invited to better know each other (means interview) and might place you to an assessment (means exam; we are hard to hire 😰). If not, no comments 🙄


Once you pass the interview and/or assessment, your application will be moved to the next step and you will receive the job offer through email. Or, we will send another email where we pray for you 😇

WAED program

BG COOP Training

In BG we are trying our best to achieve our social responsibility plans in supporting our Saudi Institutes and universities in completing their role providing practical education as part of the cycle of the students’ graduation.

Our COOP Training program provides the students with a great opportunity to work in positions related to their majors’ field of study, allowing them to gain valuable professional experience while enhancing their academic career.

We allow the students to train in a BG where they can benefit from a real-world working environment that will help them develop their individual and interpersonal teamwork skills, decision making, and work ethics, and utilize their academic background.

We recognize that the new graduates constitute the next generation of the Business’s future leaders. Therefore, providing them with suitable training or job opportunities comes at the heart of our HR priorities so we involve them in real projects.

Our strategies are not assigning the simple admin work only to them; our happiness is to provide a great candidate to the Saudi business market.

BG COOP program:

  • The COOP period is 12 to 16 continuous weeks of practical work in a relevant field of their study.
  • Students can register the COOP training program in any academic semester: fall, spring, or summer.
  • It is preferred to start the COOP in the senior year (last semester).


About BG Program


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